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GNI Sheet Cutters
GNI Heavy-Duty, High-speed,  Online and Offline Simplex and Duplex Sheet Cutters are and ideal choice for paper mills throughout the world today. To User-mills GNI means their full money-worth, while for the competitors GNI is the name to reckon with, in the world of sheet cutting.

To achieve perfectly square cut, maximum sheet production with minimum most-tolerances on cut sheets, GNI offer SHEET CUTTERS to handle 40-1200 GSM range of paper and board with suitable number of unwind stands. The unwind stands are  built, keeping easy access and convenience of operator in mind. Mills can use up to 1 to16 reels at a time, depending on of course gram mage of paper to be handled.

An extra conveyor replaces conventional over-lapping method and takes good care of sheet collection process. The salient feature of GNI SHEET CUTTERS is the provision of Micro-screw adjustment for effortless and silk-smooth sliding of entire cutting bed head for most efficient cross cutting operations, to ensure absolutely square-cut end product.

A well designed and precision engineered rubber grooved ( Manual / Pneumatic operated ) pressure roll provides  perfect gripping of the moving web, for its smooth onward movement to the cutting head. Also, a perfectly engineered and critically located wooden grip roll with wooden strips in segment formation duly mounted on a steel roll ensures perfect anti-creasing action for a smooth entry into the cutting head.

GNI ON-LINE sheet cutters are eminently suited, particularly for papers of  100 GSM and above. GNI recommends OFF-LINE sheet cutters for handling light grades of web below 100 GSM.

Technical Specifications
Type of Sheet Cutter
Simplex or Duplex
Unwind reel width In and up to 4500mm
Max. dia. of unwind reel stand Usually 1200mm but up to 2000mm on demand. It includes Manually / Pneumatically operated brakes section.
Designed Cutting speed (depending on length) upto 175 sheets/minute.
Cutting length range 300 to 1650mm ( or as required)
Choice of drive motor AC, DC, Eddy current
GSM range 20 to 1200 GSM (papers to heavy boards)
Slitting arrangement
Side trimming, Center-Slitting or as required. (Manually or Pneumatically operated with heavy duty sliding arrangement on wrack and pinion for individual positioning of slitting knife system.
Cutting accuracy +/- 1mm Generally
Sheet length adjustment
Conveniently through Synchronized variable frequency drives and motors / P.I.V Gear boxes / Taper cone pulleys attachments.
 Salient Features
  • Heavy duty CI main body frame to ensure sturdiness and silent operation.
  • Dynamically balanced rotary cutting head, for silk smooth, super-fast sheet cutting with hardened and mirror ground fly and dead knives of AISI-D3 alloy steel edge.
  • Dynamically balanced, seamless pipe rollers of heavy wall thickness for smooth and high-speed movement of paper.
  • Slitting station equipped with Manual / Pneumatic operated Top and Bottom circular shear slitting knives, made from AISI-52100 alloy steel, heat treated to 58-60 HRC, for side trimming, centre-slitting and other operations.
  • Mechanical or motorized (hydraulic option also available) lay-bouy table, to collect sheets to ice block perfection, for further packing operations.
  • A well designed, maintenance free conveyor system with nylon sandwich endless belts, making sheet cutting process a pleasure.
  • Sheet cutters are provided with safety guards and operating platforms wherever necessary.
  • Mechanical or pneumatic clutch arrangement can be provided on (fly knife holder) main cutting head to engage or disengage the cutting head, while sheet cutting is in progress or at the time of setting up of knives.
  • Sheet overlapping process especially for low GSM grades of paper, by the provision of additional conveyor section.
  • Option for accurately adjusting sheet lengths by Synchro drives and motors /  PIV gearboxes/ Taper cone pulley arrangement.
  • GNI heavy duty sheet cutter has the capability to handle a wide spectrum of webs ranging from light to heavy GSM i.e 20-1200 GSM. While handling light grammages of paper, its is effortlessly possible to use many unwind stands at a time, to maximize sheet production.
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    April 2007
    Participated in paperex in December 2003 & 2005 at New Delhi.
    Participated in paperex in December 2003 & 2005 at New Delhi.

    Participated in paperex in December 2003 & 2005 at New Delhi.
    Participated in paperex in December 2003 & 2005 at New Delhi.