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GNI Slitter Rewinders
GNI is a globally trusted name for Heavy-Duty Mill Winders (up to 4000mm width)
Several hundreds of GNI Slitter Rewinders are in operation in India and in other countries. These slitter-rewinders can be broadly divided into three categories. Which are here as follows.
  • Heavy duty CI frame built units for speeds up to 850 meters to 1000 meters per minute for large, medium and small paper mills based on the surface rewinding principle to handle light, medium & heavy GSM papers on a single rewind shaft.
  • Medium CI frame built machines for speeds upto 600 meters/minute for medium and small paper mills or large scale converting Industries based on surface Rewind principle for GSM range of 40-350.
  • Light Duty CI frame construction for speeds upto 300 meters/minute for Paper and Converting industries with an option of shaft type and shaftless unwinding for GSM range of 40-180, to produce perfect and tightly rewound rolls.

  • Technical Specifications
    Jumbo reel deckle width
    Up to and including 4100mm
    Finish reel width 4000mm Max.
    Unwind reel diameter Upto2000mm Max.
    Rewind reel diameter up to 1200mm
    GSM range for writing, printing and heavy boards 40- 350 GSM
    Speed In and up to 1000 meters/minute
    Min. slitting width 200mm
     Salient Features
  • Heavy duty CI frame for the main body, with heavy tie-rod construction, to ensure complete stability, vibration-free and noiseless operation, even while operating at optimum speeds.
  • Unwind stations are available in shaft-less or shaft-type/Tambour roll versions. The unwind stand can be shifted manually or through motorized arrangement, for smooth sideways movement of heavy reels.
  • Provision of longitudinal and lateral reel movements for handling extra heavy jumbo reels.
  • Continuous water re-circulation system to instantly dissipate the heat generated during braking operation by CI brake drum, or pneumatically operated brake clamps.
  • High speed, silk smooth, high precision slitting station. "GNI" incorporate scientifically designed slitting station with circular Top and Bottom slitting knives. Users have an option to go in for mechanical or pneumatic holders for holding top circular knives. User mills have further option to opt for Bottom knives, to cut down on time involved in bottom-knife spacer assembly work.
  • Channel box design steel strips construction camber bar for thicker GSM papers Or camber roll provision for lower GSM grades of paper, for easy separation of rewound reels .
  • Pneumatic system for reel ejection and unloading bucket with slide arms for smooth unloading of finished reels after the required diameter is built-up.
  • All rollers (guide rolls, dancing rolls etc) and drums are dynamically balanced, to synchronize the web speeds.
  • Mechanically held cores with check nuts and clamping arrangement on bearing housing at both ends Or an option of pneumatic holding arrangement Or shaft-less rewinding bracket are available.
  • Pneumatically operated rider roll with variable geometry winding system, exerting well designed pressure on rewound roll, to ensure consistent roll quality for increased productivity and to ensure uniform roll hardness through roll build-up, which is a pre-requisite for good and marketable quality paper reels.
  • Motorized or mechanically driven Heavy wall thickness Twin drum rolls of bigger diameter with grooves for surface winding operation to built tightly rewound finish rolls.
    Standard/Optional Features

  • Twin Drum Heavy-Duty Surface Rewinding machine for paper mills.
  • Mechanical or pneumatic slitting station with multiple bottom knives (Rewinder Blocks) or conventional bottom knife-spacer assembly.
  • Camber roll (for light / heavy GSM grades) for easy separation of slit web.
  • Pneumatic Brake clamps on Brake drum or Disc type pneumatic brakes with water cooling arrangement.
  • Provision for accommodating 1200mm to 1800mm dia. parent reels on unwind and 1000 -1200mm dia. finished reels.
  • Pneumatic arrangement for Rider roll lifting/lowering and roll ejector to smoothly push the finished roll to unload through Pneumatic reel unloading device.
  • Dynamically balanced rollers for completely vibration free operation and thick walled guide rolls.
  • And many more latest technical features.
    April 2007
    Participated in paperex in December 2003 & 2005 at New Delhi.
    Participated in paperex in December 2003 & 2005 at New Delhi.

    Participated in paperex in December 2003 & 2005 at New Delhi.
    Participated in paperex in December 2003 & 2005 at New Delhi.